Semi-permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent make up can benefit anyone, women and men, regardless of age, who want to enhance their natural features and look their best at all times. It can be particularly beneficial to those with the following

  • Allergic / Sensitive to Conventional makeup
  • Over plucked brows
  • Very fair brows and lashes
  • Vision Impaired
  • Motor Impaired
  • Alopaecia
  • Chemotherapy
  • Post Surgery / Injury

During the initial consultation, we will discuss the result you want to achieve and choose the correct colour to complement your natural skin tone. The result can be subtle and natural looking, and there is an extensive range of colours available for you to choose from. All pigments are of the best quality, hypoallergenic, remain true to colour, and fade resistant. A follow up treatment six weeks after the initial treatment is included in the price.


All areas £200.00 per session. Some areas may need more than one session.


Beautifully shaped and defined eyebrows – permanently.


Eyelash enhancement – Tiny dots of pigment placed between the lashes to make lashes appear fuller and darker.

Eye liner

Beautifully defined eyes, no more smudging.


Soft natural definition. Subtle, natural tones to make lips appear fuller.


Corrective Treatments

Vitiligo - from £175 depending on area

Affected areas can be camouflaged with Semi-permanent Makeup or Micropigmentation. A range of skin tone colours specifically designed to match natural skin tones is available. The condition needs to be stable for at least one year prior to treatment.

Correction and Lightening Procedures - from £175

Areola Repigmentation - from £350

For defining the shape and colour of uneven / scarred or pale areolas. Can be very helpful to post surgery or for cancer patients. A new areola and nipple can be created to look natural.

Non Laser Tattoo Removal - from £50 per session

Particularly suitable for bright colours that can not be removed with laser.


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