What is Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

Often referred to as Fraxel®, it's a very safe, non ablative skin treatment which can resurface damaged skin addressing many of the common problem skin issues.

Before treatment

Immediately after treatment

48 hours after treatment

How does it work

Fraxel® is a state of the art patented technology that uses thousands of microscopic laser columns which penetrate deep in to the dermis of the skin without damage to the skin surface. Most of the skin is untouched by the laser which provides healing bridges to the lasered columns allowing rapid skin repair with alost no downtime.

The treatment stimulates the natural healing process providing new healthy collagen and elastin formation resulting in healthy glowing skin.

Expected results

  • reduction of face lines and wrinkles
  • brighter, even skin tone
  • fewer visible pores
  • thicker, plumper skin
  • visibly tighter skin, excellent for the neck area
  • reduced pigment / sun / age spots

Fraxel® is also excellent for

  • stretch marks
  • acne scarring
  • surgical / accident scars

Number of treatments required

This depends on the individuals skin health / appearance problem areas but usually 1-3 treatments are needed for best results that are long lasting.

Immediately after treatment

The skin is usually quite red with occasional tiny pin point blood spots and feels like mild sunburn. Minimal make-up can be applied immediately post procedure to camouflage any redness. The skin usually settles within 24 hours with only the treated sun damage areas looking darker. The dark areas will last a few days before naturally falling away to leave a cleaner skin tone.